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What is Bitex?

The need for approachable financial services for the cryptocurrency economy is becoming a reality.

BITEX will provide hyper-localized crypto-banking services through their global platform to promote efficient growth across multiple continents, focusing predominantly on Asia. Cultures differ in their banking preferences - a localized strategy allows for more focused and calculated decision making.

We’re taking the sociable attributes that banks offer, such as community partnerships and building a local presence and combining them with the benefits and the efficiency that a decentralized blockchain provides.

Bitex Global has already raised USD 2,760,000 through the sale of licenses for the EZBitex platform software to its franchise partners in over 8 countries.

Bitex XBX Token

BITEX is conducting an Initial Coin Offering of its utility token, XBX.

  • All transactions regardless of the EZBitex platform will require payment of fees in XBX tokens. Such as BitexPay, Bitex Atm, Bitex Debit Card, Powered By Bitex card and so on.
  • XBX token utilizes a unique design that not only powers the banking infrastructure but also rewards user loyalty while cultivating a robust developer ecosystem.
  • By developing a mechanism to encourage adoption of the Bitex services, Bitex is able to bring more local services to its users while also increasing the supply of merchants.
  • 0.55% of XBX token is burned as transaction fees.
  • 32.75% of the transaction fees collected will be used to provide a discount to consumers staking XBX tokens on their own transaction fees.

Token Distribution Model and Economics

ICO Structure

Token name:
Bitex Coin
Total supply:
300,000,000 XBX
1,000,000 XBX
Pre-ICO Token price:
0.5$ = 1 XBX
Cost of 1 token XBX:
$0.7 to $1.0 at end of token sale
Term of token sale:
115 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO.
Expanded goals after start of ICO:
The technical limitation of the number of tokens:
300,000,000 XBX
Adjustable emission:
The tokens remaining unsold after the pre-ICO and ICO phases will be vested in a Bitex company account controlled by a smart contract. The smart contract will be programmed to release each month to the Bitex community 1⅔ % of the total tokens initially held.
Secured ways to purchase tokens:
XBX tokens will be available for purchase using Ether (ETH), and the following fiat currencies: CHF, EUR, USD, GBP, DKK and SGD and Bitcoins (BTC) will be updated soon.

USD/XBX Exchange Rate for ICO

0.5$ = 1XBX
Pre-ICO Sale for 17 weeks
0.7$ = 1XBX
ICO 1st week
0.8$ = 1XBX
ICO 2nd week
0.9$ = 1XBX
ICO 3rd week
1.0$ = 1XBX
ICO 4th week and beyond

Bonus Structure


Pre-ICO Bonus Structure
using other currencies


Bonus Structure


Our Team


Mr.Harith Motoshiromizu

CEO/CTO (Chief Executive・Technical Officer) / Founder Bitex Global

Mr.Yoshihide Someya

CBDO(Chief Business Development Officer) Japan

Junjiro Sato

Mr.Junjiro Sato

CIO (Chief Investment Officer) / Co-founder Bitex Global & License Co., License Co-Owner Japan

Ryan La France

Mr.Ryan La France

CFO (Chief Finance Officer) / Co-founder Bitex Global & License Co., License Co-Owner Philippines

Yusuke Asai

Mr.Yusuke Asai

CPO (Chief Product Officer)

Pansak Kummalue

Mr.Pansak Kummalue

License Co-Owner Kingdom of Thailand

Suparat Damrongsuttipong

Mr.Suparat Damrongsuttipong

License Co-Owner U.A.E

Deepak Galani

Mr.Deepak Galani V

License Co-Owner Hong-Kong

Devendra Kumar Kothari

Mr.Devendra Kumar Kothari

License Co-Owner India

Paphatsara Supason

Ms.Paphatsara Supason

License Co-Owner South Korea

Our Advisors

Phillip Nunn

Mr.Phillip Nunn

Nikolay Shkilev

Mr.Nikolay Shkilev

Vladimir Nikitin

Mr.Vladimir Nikitin

Wulf Kaal

Mr.Wulf Kaal

Naviin Kapoor

Mr.Naviin Kapoor

Our Roadmap

Technical Roadmap

  • Q2/17

    Bitex Business project structure constructed

  • Q3/17

    Company registration and beginning of development work on:

    • Holding Wallet
    • XBX Token (ERC-20 Protocol)
    • Trading Wallet and EZBitex platform
    • Mobile App (Android and iOS)
    • BitexPay and "Powered By Bitex" software kit
  • Q2/18

    Beta test and launch

    • EZBitex Platform V 1.0 with Trading wallet, Payment wallet and the Holding Wallet.
    • Mobile App EZBitex
    • Upgrade of security structure and support center
  • Q3/18

    EZBitex Platform V 2.0 with BitexPay and Powered By Bitex & Savings Wallet.
    Bitex B2B and B2C payment platform and BitexPay Merchant App with GPS locator and BitexPay Merchant App Kiosk.

  • Q4/18

    EZBitex Platform V 3.0 with Loan Wallet.

    • BitexPay Module and POS.
    • BitexPay API key develop and bug testing.
    • "Powered By Bitex" card.
    • BitexPay API key Release for corporate payments.
  • Q1/19

    EZBitex Platform V 4.0 - API based Card and its integration for POS (via Bitex API)

  • Q2/19

    BitexPay Escrow Account V 5.0 - Payment Gateway implementation

Country Rollout Roadmap

  • Q3/17

    Company Registration Bitex Global Co., Ltd.

  • Q2/18

    Company Registration Bitex Global Singapore Co., Pte.
    THCompany Registration Bitex Global Thailand Co., Ltd.
    AERegistration Process of Bitex Global U.A.E Co., Ltd.
    INRegistration Process of Bitex Global India Co., Ltd.
    PHRegistration Process of Bitex Global Philippines Co., Ltd.
    HKRegistration Process of Bitex Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

  • Q3/18

    JPRegistration Process of Bitex Global Japan Co., Ltd.
    KRRegistration Process of Bitex Global South Korea Co., Ltd.

ICO Bitex & EZBitex

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